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Outdoor Education

Outdoor education (OE) gives the high school students of Hillcrest School experience outside the walls of the classroom, interacting with the people groups of Papua. OE is a two-week project where the students and staff are stretched and challenged academically, spiritually and emotionally. They must give up self- focus and work together as a group, often helping the local missionaries on medical, literacy, educational, agricultural, and work projects. Most years the groups also get to experience life in a smaller village where students interact with people and show genuine care and the love of Christ.

Completion of this course will earn a 0.25 Cultural Anthropology credit. In order to complete the course and receive the credit a student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Complete an anthropology paper, journal, and geography/photography group project with a passing average.
  2. Be present during pre-OE preparation. Failure to be present during the preparation time works against the unity and goals that have been set for that year.
  3. During this time groups unify, speakers prepare us for what we will face, themes are set, and hearts are prepared for some of the difficulties that may be experienced.


The purposes of Outdoor Education are:

  • To expand the kingdom of God
  • To educate our students regarding the cultural and geographic distinctives of Papua.
  • To create opportunities for students to interact with, learn from, and serve the indigenous people.
  • To increase students’ knowledge of the world to appreciate diversity.
  • To draw students, staff and local people groups closer to Christ.


For more information on OE please email administration for the curriculum guide.