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At Hillcrest we have high outcomes for our student learning.

It is our desire that HIS students will:


HIS students will learn how to develop an ongoing relationship with Christ, growing in understanding of God and applying Biblical principles in daily life. (Matt 22: 37-38)
…Others: HIS students will display effective communication and conflict resolution skills, while demonstrating self-control and showing understanding and kindness to individuals in a multi-cultural environment. (Matt 22: 39)




…Healthy life skills: HIS students will recognize and practice healthy habits and skills for social, emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual growth necessary for success in a multilingual and technological environment.
…Inquiry: HIS students will be curious thinkers who analyze, evaluate, and integrate ideas and information from multiple viewpoints. They will be empowered to set, plan, organize, and execute goals.
…Success in academics: HIS students will assess, gather, and produce information through reading, writing, speaking, listening and with technologies, displaying proficient knowledge and academic skills appropriate to being global citizens.



Lead like…

…Knights: HIS students lead with integrity, honor, and respect, serving with their time, energy, and talents. HIS Knights have a biblical philosophy of life and truth, desiring to accomplish God’s purposes and become global leaders of tomorrow. (Matt 28:18-20)