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Graduation 2022
Graduating class of 2022 represents 6 different countries.

Hillcrest has been pleased to present a graduating class every year since 1987. HIS graduates are able to return to passport countries and enter those countries' higher education or work forces.  Competencies required for graduation include:


Graduation Requirements

A. Students must complete Algebra II for the College Preparatory level. Algebra 1 taken in middle school will be noted on the high school transcript.
B. Biology is required for all students, prior to graduation.
C. U.S. students are required to take one (1) credit of US. History.
D. The Social Studies requirement includes Outdoor Education/Applied Anthropology. If a student is not at HIS for one year of Outdoor Education/Applied Anthropology, or is excused from attending, or a credit is not offered for some reason in any year, that year will be deducted from the total number of credits required in the Social Studies domain. Each session will be worth .25 credits.
E. First year HIS students must take Indonesian I, if not completed at the middle school level. Indonesian I taken in middle school will be noted on the high school transcript.
F. The two years of foreign language must be of the same language.
G. Health is required for graduation.
H. One semester of credit is available to students who play in two of three school sports (volleyball, futsal, basketball) during one school year. This credit is given on a pass/fail basis and is available only once during a student’s high school career. This credit is not available to seniors needing a PE credit to graduate. PE may not be done as an independent study. As a general rule, PE requirements should be completed prior to the final semester.
I. Some universities require one year in the same fine art, such as drama or art history.
J. Mandatory course includes the semester course: Computer Foundations 1.
Parents should note that minimum graduation requirements vary from school to school. If your child is planning to transition to another high school to graduate, you should check with that school system to ascertain their graduation requirements.

Each U.S. State’s university system has different entrance requirements. Technical Universities often require four units of Math. Please check with the school counselor to ensure that your student is taking all the courses required for the university they wish to attend.

Pictures From This Year's Graduation

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