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Every year the seventh graders and their parents host a banquet and celebration of the achievements of the eighth graders. This is in recognition of the culmination of their foundational education and subsequent matriculation into the more specialized studies of high school. The tradition dates back to the days when learning in Sentani ended with the eighth grade. Students then would be scattered throughout the world, either returning to their home countries or entering a boarding school probably thousands of miles away. It was recognized as an end of their youthful friendships and an entrance into a wider world. Now, the tradition remains along with the students. At the celebration, students are presented with a certificate from the school following each child's parents making a short presentation of their child's life and sharing how God has been developing the mind and talents of each child. It is an affirming and challenging event.


The students on the left are the 2021 Eighth Grade class, with their teachers Eighth Graders and TeachersSeventh Grade students. The students on the right are the 2022 Seventh Grade class.