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The class of 2023 has a new menu for the New Year, 2022!  We will be serving
Chik-fill-eh? this coming Friday, January 28th during the basketball games.
We will still do this via preorder, and the deadline for preorders will be
on Wednesday, January 26th.  The price is still the same as our previous
meals: Rp. 45.000,-/meal. 

The meal includes the following: 

* Savory marinated fried chicken breast filet on a fluffy bun with our
special Chik-fill-eh? sauce, seasonal vegetables, crunchy cucumber pickles,
and sliced juicy tomatoes  
* Crispy and savory chips 
* Sweet and healthy banana
* Our yummy brownies 

If you think you just want the sandwich without the meal, it is Rp.
35.000,-/Ala carte. 

So please order right away before the deadline.  There is no time to spare!
Try our new Chik-fill-eh? Chicken Sandwich.  Please place your orders with
Noni Graves (0812-481-2903) or with Tasya Kambai or Adinda Graves at HIS.



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